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  • The floor must be at least 48 hours in the area prior to installation.

  • The floor should be stored horizontally in an area with an ambient humidity between 35% and 55%.

  • Once the material has been installed, it cannot be walked on for at least 24 hours.

  • If hydronic heating is present, solid wood or engineered wood flooring of the following species should not be installed:

    Jatoba, Maple or Beech.
    (The hydronic heating system should be turned on at maximum temperature 10 days prior to installation to ensure that no moisture is trapped between the floor and the coil).

  • Floors made from some species such as walnut, cherry, larch, Douglas fir and other semi-hardwoods may suffer more wear and marking from mechanical damage than staves made from hardwoods, depending on the particular use. (Mechanical damage to the surface is not covered by any manufacturer's warranty.

  • Wood tones may vary over time due to the effect of sunlight.

  • Moisture between the floor and the base as in concrete pavements should not exceed 3%.

  • Based on the characteristics of the pavement, the performance of the glue may vary, so any shortage will be quoted separately.

  • All doors and windows, masonry work, painting, carpentry, etc., must be installed, finished and dry.

  • The floor must be the last thing to be installed. Damage caused by workers outside our company will not be our responsibility.


  • At the beginning of the installation service, the site supervisor together with the customer or the person authorized by the customer, will make two visits in the following places

    The logbook must always bear the signature of the client or the person authorized by the client, in which progress will be detailed and the following points will be reviewed:

That the areas to be installed are free.
-Complete material on site.
-Concealed installations.
-That the leveling, humidity and conditions of the pavement are as indicated.

-Verify the direction of the floor and details authorized by the client.

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