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  • This quotation is subject to a maximum exchange rate of $21.00 MXN per U.S. dollar, in the understanding that if the above mentioned exchange rate is exceeded, the balances held will be updated at the exchange rate of the day of settlement.
  • The customer's payment of advances and/or balances is understood as acceptance of this quotation and its terms and conditions.
  • The company is not responsible for deformations in the wood, caused by humidity, if the
    humidity, if the surfaces are not suitable for the installation and/or hidden flaws.
  • Variations in appearance and color are natural to the wood, therefore, it may vary from the approved sample.
  • The colors of the wood may vary from the photographs on the website, since depending on the device, brightness and type of screen the images may vary from reality.
  • The purchased material will be delivered in areas ready to receive the material; this estimate does not include the removal of materials or movement of furniture.
  • The client is obliged to pay 100% of this estimate.
  • The customer is obliged to pay the 60% advance payment within 60 calendar days from the date of purchase.
  • The customer is obliged to pay 100% of the value of the material within 90 calendar days from the date of purchase.
  • The storage of materials caused by non-payment after 90 calendar days will cause a penalty of 5% per month.
  • Regarding the maintenance service or installation services for on-site polishing, in the case of floor polishing we are not responsible for the dust resulting from this work.
  • For products where we are distributors and depend on their delivery times, we are not responsible for extraordinary delays caused by shipping companies or carriers.
  • Delivery outside Mexico City and Metropolitan Area will generate an additional shipping cost.
  • In case of acquiring only material, without the installation service, the material is delivered by truck, in case of maneuvers, these will be paid by the customer.
  • No refunds are accepted after the advance payment has been made.
  • This quotation was generated based on the information provided and/or accepted by the client, any modification in the quantities is your responsibility and will be quoted separately.
  • The material is offered according to the manufacturer's specifications at the time of contracting.
  • The customer, in his absence, must assign and authorize a person with the power to authorize changes if necessary during the installation process, these changes must be notified in writing and signed by the authorized person.
  • Expenses generated by downtime attributable to the customer shall be the customer's responsibility.
  • Care should be taken not to strike or open the packaging. 


  • One year warranty for installation defects.
  • The floor must be at least 48 hours in the area prior to installation.
  • The installation service outside Mexico City and Metropolitan Area will generate an additional cost for travel expenses.
  • All installations require a preliminary site survey and consideration of a rough estimate of the 7% needed for execution
  • The floor should be stored horizontally in an area with an ambient humidity between 35% and 55%.
  • Once the material has been installed, it cannot be walked on for at least 24 hours.
  • For the installation of this material, 100% level, clear and moisture-free areas are required.
  • The customer agrees not to hire or pay this company's installer for any material or work on his own account.
  • If hydronic heating is available, solid wood or engineered wood flooring of the following species: Jatoba, Maple or Beech should not be installed.
    (The hydronic heating system must be turned on at maximum temperature 10 days prior to installation to ensure that no moisture is trapped between the floor and the coil).
  • Floors made from some species such as walnut, cherry, larch, Douglas fir and other semi-hardwoods may suffer more wear and marking from mechanical damage than staves made from hardwoods, depending on the particular use. (Mechanical damage to the surface is not covered by any manufacturer's warranty.
  • Wood tones may vary over time due to the effect of sunlight.
  • Moisture between the floor and the base as in concrete pavements should not exceed 3%.
  • Based on the characteristics of the pavement, the performance of the glue may vary, so any shortage will be quoted separately.
  • All doors and windows, masonry work, painting, carpentry, etc., must be installed, finished and dry.
  • The floor must be installed last. Damage caused by workers outside our company will not be our responsibility.
  • At the beginning of the installation service, the site supervisor together with the client or the person authorized by the client, will make two visits in which a log will be filled out for the control of the work, which must always bear the signature of the client or the person authorized by the client, in which progress will be detailed and the following points will be reviewed:
    • That the areas to be installed are free.
    • Complete material on site.
    • Hidden installations.
    • That the leveling, humidity and conditions of the pavement are as indicated. -Verify the direction of the floor and details authorized by the client.
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